This website is the place where you can purchase a unique piece of jewelry. It is a symbolic keepsake that should be worn as a constant remembrance of all those who perished in the Holocaust. By wearing the Remember Clip, it will spark conversation and let our generation and those that follow show the world that: "We will never forget."

 The design of this necklace is a paperclip adorned with stars of David. The inspiration for this work of art comes from the community of Whitwell Tennessee whose middle school, students and faculty built a memorial honoring the Holocaust victims. This necklace is beautiful on ones neck as it is strong in symbolic meaning. 

Our goal is for every family to wear a Remember Clip and pass on the message.

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of this necklace will go to the Children's Holocaust Memorial at the Whitwell Middle school, Whitwell Tennessee for the upkeep  of the memorial. 

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Remember:  "Share a story and spark a conversation."
Become a part of this growing movement by ordering your Remember Clips now using PayPal.  Remember Clips is a private company.  We are not affiliated with the Whitwell Middle School, although we donate proceeds solely to the Children's Holocaust Memorial in Whitwell, Tennessee.
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